Small Batch Infusions from Garden-to-Glass

Botanical Drinks

Made for the moment

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Expertly Crafted Complex in Character Unfiltered for flavour Naturally Sustainable No Added Sugar

A Taste of Our Garden

The Sprigster Drinks Collection

Vibrant non-alc. botanical infusions, made for the moment.

A collection of botanical blends, harvested seasonally, expertly crafted and bottled in-house by the cooks and gardeners of Sprigs Co, Pythouse Kitchen Garden. Sprigster captures the natural taste and complex character of our English country garden.

Our Story

"Actually, the best hangover-free stuff I’ve had lately is Sprigster’s Garden Brut from Tisbury’s terrific Pythouse Kitchen Garden. It’s a little fruity, and given a booze-like sharpness from the apple cider vinegar. If I make it to the end of the month dry, I imagine I’ll priggishly break out a bottle and toast myself for being so strong-willed. Attaboy.” 

David Ellis
Evening Standard

"Sprigster's latest bottled magic is a dry sparkling drink called Garden Brut, which includes hops, rhubarb and ginger and is genuinely quite astonishingly dry and delicious.” 

William Sitwell
Broadcaster & Restaurant Critic

"So often I find non-alcoholic drinks far too sweet, but this was an exception. The flavours include rhubarb, hops, fennel, ginger and apple, all steeped and marinated together, with no added sugars, and then served with tonic water. It was deliciously refreshing. And very moreish.” 

Rosemary George
Master of Wine

“Probably the best garden restaurant you'll ever find. Sprigster smells of summer gardens and mixes in tonic without ruining your mother.”

Giles Coren
Food Critic

"Finally made it to the brilliant @sprigsco today. What a lunch, zinging and pinging with local, fresh ingredients, with a delicious booze-free sparkler @sprigsterdrinks (okaaaay, and maybe a cheeky glass of Côtes-du-Rhone as well)..”

Jane Parkinson
BBC 1 Saturday Kitchen Live

"I have tried all the variations of Sprigster and I have to say they are all so delicious. The sparkling infusion is a particular favourite. Non-alcoholic wine doesn't do it for us so we go with this as its something very different.”

Sandy B

"This grown-up and delicious drink enabled me to give up booze altogether. The gently acidic hit on the tastebuds reminds me of the old wine-drinking days - mix with fizzy water if you’re eating, tonic if not, and had it mulled at Pythouse Kitchen Garden the other night. Happy New Year!”


"The problem with Sprigster is they are simply too good! Incredibly moreish and as such they really don’t last long… both their canned drinks and bottle of fizz are just delectable and such easy drinking!”


"Very happy with the swift delivery and packaging. Bottle fits in well with all my alcohol and friends think I’m drinking which is great as no “oh just have one” comments when I’m on my health kick! Love the flavour just add tonic and ice.”

Justine Fletcher

Complex in character

Original Botanical Infusion

  • Non-Alc.
  • Homegrown Garden Ingredients
  • Locally Sourced Whole Fruit
  • No Added Sugar
  • Plant Based & Gluten Free
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Made for the moment

The Perfect Serve

Sprigster Original is a perfect anytime aperitif or delicious alternative to a G&T.

To make our Signature Sprigster Serve, pour a single or double measure of Sprigster Original Botanical Infusion over plenty of ice, add good tonic water or soda, and garnish with seasonal fruit and a sprig of something from the garden.

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Green Garden Sour

With Sprigster Original, Basil, Lemon, Honey, Apple, Sunflower Seed and Cucumber Bitters.

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Pear & Ginger

With Sprigster, Pear & Ginger, Bitters and Champagne

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Apricot Drop

With Sprigster, Apricot, Fennel, Bay and Soda (af)

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All-natural drinks recipes invented and blended in our kitchen garden, using regenerative methods approved by the Sustainable Restaurant Association in their Food Made Good Standard.

The Sprigster Collection