The Sprigster Story

Sprigster Botanical Infusions

Sowing the seeds

Inspired by Pythouse Kitchen Garden

Sprigster Drinks grew out of the vibrant flavours of our English country garden. We wanted to offer a proper grown-up, alcohol-free drink to guests at our acclaimed country restaurant, Pythouse Kitchen Garden. So, we started plucking scented seasonal sprigs from our colourful patch and making drinks to go with our delicious and nutritious dishes.

Our blend of all-natural ingredients combined to create a sophisticated and deeply satisfying non-alc. aperitif. We realised we’d hit upon a taste experience that our guests loved. Nicknaming our flavourful drink ‘Sprigster’, we set about crafting the perfect alternative aperitif.

The Garden

Flavours that pack a punch

The Evolution of Sprigster Drinks

Over time, our recipes have evolved and been perfected into 8 simple ingredients: slow-cooked hops, fennel, rhubarb and ginger, infused with an apple reduction, topped up with a hit of benefit-rich apple cider vinegar and fresh Wiltshire spring water. We source from our garden in season, or as locally as possible. When we have to go further afield, we only use ethical suppliers.

With Sprigster Original Botanical Infusion elevating the menus in our restaurant and encouraging our guests to savour and celebrate life’s moments, we turned to producing bottles of crisp, non-alc. fizz. Now, Garden Brut and Hedgerow Blush, join the collection.

Multi award-winning taste

We’ll Drink to That

With a background in the restaurant world, we’ve always taken a flavour-first approach, crafting non-alc. drinks with a rich complex character to accompany good food. We are extremely proud of our Great Taste awards 2023 as well as our success in the Food Made Good Standard 2024. 

Now, we’re unlocking new and exciting flavours as we grow, harvest, infuse and bottle even more goodness on-site.

Where to Find Us

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